We sell all-natural 100% grass-fed beef.

Our family has been farming since 1924.  We are 3rd generation farmers started on a dairy farm in Pine Bush, New York.  During our many years of dairy farming it was common practice to feed concentrated grains. We never knew what was really in the feed, because we got it from large feed corporations. God only knows what they put in the feed. It was also common practice to use pesticides and herbicides to control weeds and insects and to enhance the growth of the crop being fed to the animals.  As a result of these practices, our dairy cows were in veterinarian care constantly.


In 1997 we (Eugene & Stephen) bought a farm in Montgomery,  New York and started a beef operation known as Bettinger Bluff Farm.  We started with 9 animals. Twelve years later, we now have 200 cows in our herd.

Before we bought the Montgomery farm, it was an operating horse farm.  We thought the ground should be free of any pesticides, herbicides, etc. because horse farms usually don’t use them. Our 285 acres are all fenced in, and we rotate the cows from pasture to fresh pastures during the spring, summer, and fall months.  During the winter we feed all natural haylage (fermented high moisture grass) and hay (dry grass) in a winter staging area.  We do all our own harvesting of haylage and hay, so we know their quality.

We attribute twelve years of great herd health to the simple fact that we don’t use any herbicides, pesticides, growth hormone,  antibiotics, etc. We’ve enjoyed a successful twelve years of herd health, hundreds of new births and to date never a need for a veterinarian’s service on our farm.  This in itself tells us that our animals are receiving everything they need from their all natural diet. This is the way nature intended it to be. You are what you eat, just as the animals are what they eat!  The chain of Life: Eat Healthy, Be Healthy!

The one thing we have learned in our farming experience is that eating healthy is the first step in being healthy.  Know what your eating & what is in it!!!!!

The only way you can have a quality product is first you have to care, and second you keep a watchful eye on the product.  That’s why we do it ourselves.

We guarantee our beef is 100% grass fed beef.

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Bettinger Bluff Farm
All Natural Grass Fed Beef
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